Welcome to the official website of composer, producer & songwriter, Dave Livingston.

New electronic album I've co-written/co-produced with Steve Nelson, 'Exit To Nowhere' by Transceive now available to buy on CD & digital download at Bandcamp or digital download from Google Play Store, iTunes and other retailers.
Video of 'Break Down The Doors' download included with CD purchase at Bandcamp.


Video for the track 'Break Down The Doors' from the album 'Exit To Nowhere'.

Album production, 'The Road To Trasanne' by Fuasgail available to buy on CD at Bandcamp and download
featuring my orchestral composition 'The Clearances'.


Video for the track 'The Clearances' from the album 'The Road To Trasanne'.

Album production, 'Lost Weekend' by Fuasgail available to buy.